Tutorial 4

8/30 9:15 - 11:45, Hewlett 201

State-Based Scenario-Based and Process-Based Modeling: Towards Multi-Scale Biological Modeling Using Biocharts

Hillel Kugler and David Harel

Microsoft Research Cambridge and Weizmann Institute.

Constructing useful computational models that incorporate our biological understanding and integrate the vast amount of data and knowledge accumulated is critical in gaining a systems-level understanding of biological systems. The tutorial will present various approaches to discrete modelling, their theoretical foundations and practical use. We will see how models can be simulated and analyzed to (1) understand the dynamics of the system over time, (2) compare different existing hypotheses, (3) help identify gaps in our current understanding and (4) make new predictions that can be validated experimentally in the lab. We will also describe recent work on combining the different approaches using a language we call Biocharts, which is geared towards dealing with multi-scale phenomena.

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