Tutorial 5

8/30 12:15 - 2:45, Hewlett 101

CellDesigner4.1: A Process Diagram Editor for Gene-Regulatory and Biochemical Networks

Akira Funahashi1,2, Akiya Jouraku1, Yukiko Matsuoka2, Norihiko Kikuchi3, Hiroaki Kitano1

1.Keio University. 2.The Systems Biology Institute. 3.Mitsui Knowledge Industry.

CellDesigner is software for modeling and simulation of biochemical and gene regulatory networks, originally developed by the Systems Biology Institute in Japan. While CellDesigner itself is a sophisticated structured diagram editor, it enables users to directly integrate various tools, such as built-in SBML ODE Solver and SBW-powered simulation/analysis modules. CellDesigner runs on various platforms such as Windows, MacOS X and Linux, and is freely available from our website at http://celldesigner.org/. In this course, we will explain how CellDesigner can be used from both modeling and software development perspectives. The first topic will feature network modeling using CellDesigner, and will show how she/he could build a model from scratch, and examine simulations. The second topic will feature plugin development of CellDesigner, which allows users to manipulate network diagram in many ways (for example changing the color/size of node, reflecting experimental data etc.). This tutorial will cover both modeling and software development topics, thus both CellDesigner users and software developers are encouraged to join. Bringing your notebook PC is highly recommended.

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