Breakout 9.2

9/3 11:00 - 1:00, Jordan Hall 420-040

Jay C. Dunlap

Professor and Chairman of Genetics, Dartmouth University.

Jay C. DunlapJay Dunlap started working on circadian clocks and Neurospora genetics sometime in the Pleistocene and found them so interesting he never got around to working on much else. The lab cloned the clock gene frequency, and demonstrated via transgene manipulations the essential role of transcriptional/translational negative feedback in the core circadian oscillator. Subsequent analysis of oscillator regulation uncovered molecular bases for most classical circadian properties including period length, entrainment by light and temperature steps, persistence, and temperature compensation. In the past decade we also launched high throughput functional genomics focused on the ~10,000 genes in the filamentous fungal genome.