Breakout Session 1 – Prokaryotic

8/31 11:00 - 1:00, Hewlett 200

Breakout Session 1.1

Lucy Shapiro

Stanford University.

Breakout Session 1.2

Christopher A. Voigt

University of California, San Francisco.

Breakout Session 1.3

Single Molecule Biology Meets Systems Biology

Sunney Xie

Harvard University.

Our group studied gene expression in living bacterial cells with single-molecule sensitivity with millisecond time resolution and nm spatial precision. We reported the first movie of protein production, one molecule at a time, binding and unbinding kinetics of transcription factors on DNA, and their single-molecule events that change the cell's phenotype. We recently conducted system-wide studies of transcriptome and proteome with single-molecule sensitivity in a single cell. We are investigating the phenomenon of persisters, abnormal and rare bacterial cells that have the same genes as normal cells, but are phenotypically drug tolerant, hoping to provide clues for developing tuberculosis drugs.

Breakout Session 1.4

Julie A. Theriot

Stanford University.